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  • Rooms: 32
  • Bathrooms: 37
  • Capacity: 6
  • m² 5000
Holidays in Greece, Hotel. The residence Bartholini has 32 coloured rooms with its terraces looking the sea front. The hotel is 150 mt from the beach, swimming pool, Restaurant, bar and Gazebo. Just 30 min. far the Mount Olympus and from Tehssaloniki. * Birdwatching at 150 mt. Oasis with 800 protected species and Flamingoes * Archeologic sites, a fortified early Christian complex of towns named "LOULOUDIES" * SPA, with sea salt, famous for the therapy against Rheumatism, anti-cellulite and inflammations. * WineTour
  • Double room
  • WIFI - Internet
  • Room with private bathroom
Alikes-Pudna, Pydna, Pieria
  • €50,140/day
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